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Volunteers Needed

Are you looking for a scholarship abroad? Do you need volunteer experience in a media related field? Do you want to learn new skills? The Mongolian Public Media Content Foundation is looking for volunteers "Content Curators". Please scroll below to find out more details about this opportunity.


Title: Content Curator

Responsible to: The Head of the Executive Board

Type of job: part time - remote

Salary: pro bono (volunteer)

100.000 MNT monthly total allowance for mobile data and PC access


The Mongolian Public Media Content Foundation contributes to the promotion of public's interest, human rights and sustainable development goals by supporting the acquisition, commissioning, production and free dissemination of media content in Mongolia. Our bilingual website has a blog section where we are collecting stories and content from across the internet, content that is relevant to our work and mission. You may see the sections at the following links:

We are looking for a young motivated and passionate volunteer to help us curate this content. You are going to be trained on how to find the content, how to decide whether it is worth sharing it or not, how to embed it on our website and how to optimise it for search engine discovery.


(this list is not exhaustive; new duties may be assigned)

  • Monitor daily mainstream international and national (Mongolian) media

  • Monitor daily social media accounts and official websites of Mongolian newsmakers such as politicians, government institutions, corporations, international organisations, NGO's, academics and influencers

  • Select at least 6 stories (3 in Mongolian and 3 in English) to be shared on

  • Select at least 6 social media posts (3 in Mongolian and 3 in English) to be shared on

  • Embed the stories on the website

  • Optimise the embedded content for search engine discovery


  • Passion about news, current affairs and human rights

  • Willing to learn new skills

  • Ability to work with little supervision

  • Excellent communications skills

  • Computer literate

  • English at an intermediate level, both written and spoken


  • At least 18 years of age at the date of the application

  • Access to an internet connected computer at home or near-by

  • Ability and willingness to spare at least one hour a day to perform the job

To apply send a letter of intent and your CV to . The letter should be in English, no less than one hundred words and should explain why you think this volunteer opportunity is fitting best your career ambitions. The CV should also be in English Language and it should contain the contact details of three people that can be contacted for references/information related to you such as parents, relatives, colleagues, teachers or past employers.

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