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Entertainment that saves lives: Hallmark's miniseries “Pandemic 2007” to be broadcast on Mongol TV

What happens when the deadly strain of an unknown virus multiplies second by second, person by

person? What happens when an entire city is put under a government sanctioned

quarantine? What happens when the source of the virus is as elusive as the cure? What happens is a Pandemic. Sounds familiar? If you still believe that you or your family are immune to COVID-19 you must watch this movie. As Mongolia is struggling with the emergence of the second wave of COVID-19, The Mongolian Public Media Content Foundation feels that it is necessary for people to understand the implications of breaking the rules set by the health authorities. To support Mongolia’s health authorities preventive initiatives, we are premiering on Saturday, November 28 on Mongol TV, the Pandemic 2007 miniseries, one of the best feature films to depict a real life pandemic. Besides family friendly action plots, the film has many pandemic health literacy messages. Oyunchimeg Demchig, the CEO of The Mongolian Public Media Content Foundation says: “Probably the best message that this film puts out is to listen to the health authorities. Do not break rules as you may deputise the health and the lives of people around you, including your loved ones.”

The film is also being broadcast on 13 regional stations across Mongolia.

The dubbing of the film has been made with support from The Internews Information Saves Lives Rapid Response Fund. The broadcasting rights are donated by Amazing Productions Indonesia.

If you are working for a Mongolian TV organisation and you would like to screen the film on your station please send us an email to

For media enquiries please contact us by email at

About our foundation:

The Mongolian Public Media Content Foundation ( contributes to the promotion of public interest, human rights and sustainable development goals by supporting the acquisition, commissioning, production and free dissemination of media content in Mongolia.

About Mongol HD:

Mongol TV is Mongolia's favorite free-to-air entertainment TV channel. Its blockbuster entertainment shows include local productions/adaptations of Mongolia’s Got Talent, The Voice and The Sharks Tank. Mongol HD is a pioneer into legally sourcing foreign content to be aired in Mongolia.

About Internews:

For more than 35 years, in more than 100 countries, Internews ( )has worked to build healthy media and information environments where they are most needed. A non-profit legal entity, Internews incubated hundreds of sustainable organizations, bolstered the skills of thousands of media professionals, activists, and citizens, and helped these partners reach millions of people with quality, local information.

About Amazing Productions:

Amazing Productions ( is a well established content production service provider in Indonesia. For the past 16 years it has served prestigious corporate and international organisations clients such as UNICEF, UNDP, ASEAN and World Bank.

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